Mietsu Dome Theater

Gaze up at the Dome Theater for a powerful time travel experience!

On the first floor of the (Tsunetami Sano) Memorial Museum, you can watch a powerful video on the 6 m-diameter Dome Theater. This five-minute video introduces the story of the Saga Clan and the establishment of the Mietsu Naval Dock facilities.

Find yourself looking up from the center of the dry dock; you will see images of repairs being made to Western-style ships and the dock that utilized the differences in tidal levels of the Ariake Sea.

  • Enjoy together as a group; the theater can accommodate up to 30 audience members at a time.
  • Because the experience may make you feel unwell, those who easily become motion sick and those of poor physical condition are asked to refrain from viewing the Dome Theater video.

Oculus Rift

You can also experience the popular Oculus Rift in front of the Dome Theater.
Here, you can view grand 360°images of the bustling Mietsu Naval Dock as it looked 160 years ago.